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Infographic | The 10 Commandments for the QA Manager

QA managers are the salt of the development earth. Coders may steal the limelight, but the QA managers are the people behind the scenes.

If you are a QA manager, we don’t need to tell you this – you’ve got yourself a demanding job. We talk to QA managers all the time, and together we put together the 10 Commandments that will help you to deliver on the promise of testing.

A warm thank you to all the QA managers that were patient enough with us and agreed to share. Now let’s get right to it.

10 commandments for the QA manager

Embrace the challenges of testing

There’s no point in turning sour at every challenge that comes your way because challenges are what should get testers going.

Your test plan is your genesis

Not to say you should dedicate six full days to planning, but you should never embark on a test without planning for it beforehand. Beware of the hubris!

Your testers are your best weapon

Keep them oiled up with one in the chamber. You can be the best at what you do, but if you don’t have your testers’ back, they won’t have yours. You can only manage, they do the actual work. Never forget that.

Develop & enhance your perfectionism

This is the heart and soul of testing, so don’t be shy about being ruthless about the smallest of details, right down to the single pixel.

Find the magic balance between time management and quality

When development is breathing down your neck, stay strong. Don’t give into the scrutiny and find yourself the extra time needed to make your testing shine.

Put your foot down on unstable versions

Make it in your blood to say “this version isn’t stable enough for testing!” Development will resist, perhaps even put up a fight, but alas, this will not pass.

Vent! Vent! Vent!

This commandment is vital to your success. Actually, it’s vital for success in any position (It’s made the cut for 10 Commandments for the McDonald’s Fry Cook, too.) No point to hold it all inside, it’ll just give you an ulcer. Your job is challenging and demanding enough as it is, there’s no need to raise your blood pressure by bottling up your objections. Do your testers (and yourself) a favor by letting them know when something’s on your mind – gently.

Make your team worship the Defect Rejection & Leakage ratios

This is where you can make your testers weep with pride; create trophies for #1 Defect Detector and Leakage Warrior and hand them out once a month. Even better, offer bottles of tequila instead.

Become the king of automation

With due respect to manual testing, a long and glorious tradition, make your mark by bringing the magic of automation to your testing operation.

Now make the switch to codeless automation

Before you commit to becoming the king of automation, consider codeless. Code-based automation is no less labor-intensive, time-consuming and effort-driven than manual. Codeless allows you to super-charge your testers with the power to transform testing to all that it can be – swift, simple, agile and resilient.