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How Manual Testers Impact Quality in 2021

How do manual testers stay relevant in 2021 & beyond?

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Big changes: Get an update on the role of the business tester.
Modern pitfalls: What thwarts high-value business testing.
Good combinations: Right-size exploratory & manual testing.
New opportunities: How business testers turn tech into an advantage.
Efficiency tips: Stay relevant, efficient, and happy in 2021.

With Eran Kinsbruner, Author & Digital Quality Evangelist

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Continuous testing is the goal for many organizations in 2021.

And test automation is the means

QA teams that truly excel, however, won’t put ALL of their attention on frameworks and scripts and integrations.

They will also have grappled with, defined, redefined, updated, and optimized a too-often-overlooked role: that of the business tester.

• What are the new expectations of the manual/business tester?
• How (and where) can they provide value in a modern QA process?

Get the answers in this webinar with Eran Kinsbruner, author and digital quality evangelist at Perfecto.

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Eran Kinsbruner

Author, Evangelist