We Asked, You Answered: What Was Your Best Testing Advice?

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What Was Your Best Testing Advice?

We Asked, You Answered: What Was Your Best Testing Advice?

As QA professionals we have all gotten great advice as we started and grew our careers, and as the old saying goes, sharing is caring! In the spirit of collaboration and teamwork, TestCraft’s Test Automation Expert Amanda Green reached out to our LinkedIn followers and asked them a simple question: What was your best testing advice?

Here are some of our favorite responses:

Best Testing Advice Infographic

Knowledge is Power

While this advice holds true for many industries, knowing what you’re testing is critical to being successful in the field. For some, this is as simple as doing your research, whereas for others it is about asking the right questions without any assumptions.

“Keep learning.” – Adam S., Director of Testing and Quality at Anthem, Inc.

“Gain vast knowledge of what you are testing.” – Paul P., Software Test Engineer

“Ask more questions.” – Daniel S., QA Lead at Silverline

Shift Left and Test Early

Adopting a shift left mindset and testing early is another piece of advice that many have given and received while building their careers in QA. The earlier you test, the better opportunity you have to create a high-quality product.

“Use a shift left approach.” – Sanket G., QA Lead (Manager) at Healthfirst

“Use a shift left approach because the earlier you test in SDLC, the more the quality of the product will be.” – Usuf M., Manager – Projects at Cognizant

Take Ownership of Your Tests

If you’re going to test, our followers advise to take charge in all areas of the process. Instead of focusing solely on the test itself, think of the big picture and see how your tests can help create a better overall experience for your customers.

“Test as if you own the product.” – Keerthi M., Assistant Vice President at State Street

“While testing, think and act like an end user or customer.” – Orjuwan D., Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Always Check for Bugs

Checking for bugs is an absolute must in testing, but our followers also warn that this can feel like a never-ending task. So make sure to prioritize which bugs are the most critical to fix when you find them.

“Read bugs! When you are tired of testing, check other people’s bugs.” – Frederico B., QA Test Engineer at Samsung Electronics

“Every product ships with bugs; it’s really a matter of which ones you can live with.” – Matthew M., Business Analyst at TransCanada

Stay Close to Your Dev Team

The relationship between testers and developers is an important one. Integrating yourself into the development process will open the door to better communication and more productive work between teams.

“Embed yourself with development to test faster and more efficiently.” – David B., Senior Manager of Software Quality Assurance at Starz Entertainment

“When dev says ‘there is no risk,’ that’s alarm bells ringing for a tester.” – Wouter V., Director at ProTest Solutions

Find the Right Test Automation Tool

Last but not least, make sure to find the right test automation tool that will help you achieve your testing goals! To reduce execution time, it is important to look for tools that are easy to use, have integrations with other CI/CD tools in your environment and can be used by all members of your QA team.

“Look for faster automation tools to reduce your execution time.” – Satesh A., Senior Software Development Engineer at Alef Education

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