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After a successful U.S. and U.K. tour with this meetup, we’re now expanding our reach and visiting more cities.

Nimrod Arbel, automation expert at TestCraft will speak on what has changed in the software industry since switching to Agile and DevOps, and how it affects software testing and QA professionals. He will go on to explain how testers can up their game to increase their value and become essential in the modern DevOps process.

The industry is shifting towards more automated software development and testing processes. This trend, however, threatens to eliminate the need for testers whose main job is to manually execute large amounts of tests. Although testers have important contributions that would never be substituted by advanced automation or artificial intelligence, they have to embrace new trends in the software world – and adapt accordingly.

In this meetup event, Nimrod will discuss the main challenges testers face in the fast-paced Agile organization, and offer unique solutions to leverage their abilities. 

Main takeaways from the presentation:

  • The huge leap software development went through and how testing was left behind
  • How companies are trying to bridge this gap
  • How testers can become fully integrated into the DevOps environment
  • Automation and machine learning examples

The talk will end with a Q&A session

Speaker: Nimrod Arbel, Codeless automation expert at TestCraft

Nimrod comes from a QA engineering background. He has been a part of the TestCraft team for almost two years, supporting the efforts to make test automation accessible, simple, and fast. Day to day, Nimrod works closely with many QA professionals to learn about their testing challenges and works to help them solve those bottlenecks. He is excited to share his extensive knowledge of QA automation with the testing community.

Nimrod Arbel

TestCraft | Codeless Automation Expert