How to Become Better at Test Automation

Lessons learned by Bas Dijkstra

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Throughout my test automation career, I have seen (and written!) a lot of
horribly invaluable test automation. What’s worse, I’m not sure that we’re
learning anything from these past failures. Automation engineers that are
new to the craft keep on falling for the same mistakes, and organizations
seem to become none the wiser either. This all leads to a lot of time and
effort (and therefore money!) spent on automation that does not provide
enough in return.

In this webinar, I will explain that we don’t need more automation
engineers, we need better ones. I consider automation to be a craft that
requires studying, deep learning and deliberate practice. That does not
just revolve around tools.

To become a better automation engineer, we need better education as well.
Education that goes beyond two-day courses where participants learn how to
perform a trick or two with a specific tool. I will also zoom in on what I
think constitutes good training around automation, and what subjects need
to be taught to engineers if we want to prevent them from repeating all of
my past mistakes.

About Bas Dijkstra – I help teams and organizations improve their testing efforts through smart application of tools.

I am a testing and automation consultant and a trainer. I specialize in
creating and implementing automation strategies that support testing,
starting with helping to answer the ‘why?’ of automation all the way to
writing effective automation solutions.

I deliver training on various subjects related to automation. I also
regularly publish blog posts and articles on various topics related to
test automation, both on my own website, as well as for websites and industry

Bas Dijkstra

Consultant | Trainer | On Test Automation