How Jonar leveraged test automation to reduce their repetitive UI testing by 80%

A Conversation with Jon Ruby and Amanda Moffat

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Learn how Jonar, a leading ERP software company, switched to codeless test automation to drastically shorten their repetitive UI testing and allow their QA team to tackle a wider range of tests on a more in-depth level.

Testing all of Jonar’s processes manually was a very time-consuming process, wasting valuable company time and resources. Due to the amount of effort they dedicated to UI testing, Jonar couldn’t expand their test coverage or get sufficient feedback from their testing efforts. But now, codeless automation testing has made their UI testing a simple and efficient process, laying the foundation for test automation that can scale.

Join us for a conversation with Jon Ruby, CEO of Jonar and Amanda Moffat, Jonar’s Director of Product Development. In this webinar, they will discuss the following:

  • Why and how Jonar switched to codeless test automation
  • How to measure your QA team’s progress
  • Best practices for implementing test automation successfully into your environment

Our Speakers

Jon Ruby, CEO at Jonar 

Jon displays a rare intersection of technological expertise and business acumen, which allows for the creative application of new technologies to real world challenges. Passionate about user experience and design, Jon works to enrich the day-to-day lives of users by improving their experience with business technology. In the late 1990’s, he helped found a company called Control-F1, a pioneer in the eSupport space. He went on to manage small companies in investment banking consulting, private equity for natural resources and medical devices respectively. As CEO at Jonar, Jon and his team have designed, built and launched a new ERP system called ParagonERP that aims to revolutionize the industry.

Amanda Moffat, Director of Product Development at Jonar 

Amanda Moffat is the Director of Product Development at Jonar. She has been part of the Jonar team since 2014 and played an active role in building and developing ParagonERP, a leading ERP solution that has taken the industry by storm. With a degree in Building Engineering from Concordia University, Amanda enjoys offering innovative solutions to a wide range of challenges.

The Speakers

Jon Ruby

CEO at Jonar

Amanda Moffat

Director of Product Development at Jonar