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How to Keep Up with Release Cycles Using Codeless Selenium

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Are you striving to achieve continuous testing in your continuous delivery pipeline? While software test automation can help with this, incorporating automation into your DevOps lifecycle is still a constant challenge. The maintenance and time needed to automate your test scenarios can be a very expensive and timely process. You can run into test flakiness, increased maintenance time and costs, and more hurdles when it comes to the complexity of automating advanced scenarios in a small timeframe.


Join in for our most popular webinar, “How to Keep Up with Release Cycles Using Codeless Selenium” to learn how to combat DevOps bottlenecks.

Codeless test automation paired with AI-based maintenance is a next-gen, all-in-one solution. A codeless test automation platform, like TestCraft, is a built-in framework for easy Selenium-based test creation, execution, and maintenance.

In this on-demand webinar, join us as we dive into how TestCraft can complement an existing Selenium framework or stand on its own as a code-free solution.

Expect to learn:

  • What is needed to achieve continuous testing in DevOps
  • The key benefits of codeless test automation and the challenges it addresses
  • The best practices for choosing a codeless test automation solution
  • Live TestCraft demo showing how our platform can meet those challenges head-on

Speaker: Dror Todress, CEO and Co-founder of TestCraft

Since he founded TestCraft, Dror has met and learned from test executives about their testing challenges and has worked with them on solving those challenges.

Dror is an experienced entrepreneur, with a proven ability to recognize a need in the market, create the right solution, and lead the company to success.

The Speaker

Dror Todress

CEO & Co-Founder of TestCraft