TestCraft: Testing doesn’t get any easier than this

QA testers can now easily automate their test scenarios to boost productivity.
No coding skills required.

e2e automated test scenarios

Create Custom Test Scenarios

Drag and drop elements to intuitively create test flows. TestCraft produces a model – not a recording – for every flow allowing you to run it with different data sets and easily edit in-application changes.

Machine learning self healing mechanism

AI Smart Binding

Our unique machine learning algorithm takes a different approach to “Selenium locators”, an approach which enables us to automatically fix 97.4% of the changes that occur in the app and cut maintenance time and resources.

Fix test element binding during runtime

Fix Binding During Run Time

If a test breaks, just point and click the correct elements on the screen to re-bind them easily during runtime. The test will immediately resume from that point, keeping automation maintenance costs to a minimum.

Reuse test scenarios

Reuse Elements

Reuse existing elements to quickly create new flows. When an element changes, the change is automatically applied to all other tests that use that element.

run tests on multiple platforms

Run Tests on Multiple Platforms, Simultaneously

TestCraft not only allows you to build tests, but also run them on multiple platforms and work environments, simultaneously. You don’t need to build your own infrastructure, or buy runtime licenses on external browser labs – we take care of it all.

Schedule tests

Schedule Your Tests

Run your tests on a programmed schedule to help you manage repetitive test actions — perfect for application monitoring.

Detailed reporting on each execution

Easily Report a Bug

Detailed reports are produced on every run, which include screenshots & videos indicating what needs to be fixed. This enables testing to become an integral part of the agile process.

email sms or jira notifications

Be Notified on Your Favorite Messaging Platform

Stay on top of test results and errors by enabling notifications on your favorite channel: email, text messaging, Slack or others (no integration with SnapChat yet ;).

e2e test automation scenario

Handle Complex Scenarios

Unlike recording solutions, there are no technical limitations to our testing capabilities. Shadow DOM, iFrames, Drag-and-Drop, new tabs, and more are all easily handled by TestCraft.

Selenium Based

We use Selenium under the hood so QA testers can benefit from using Selenium without the heavy setup, complexity and cost of actually writing code. That’s what we mean by Codeless Selenium

Integrate Your Favorite Tools

Our built-in integrations cover the entire development cycle: Test Management, Issue Management, CI/CD, Notification and Communication.

Pure SaaS

Both our Test Creation Platform and Test Execution Browser Lab are 100% SaaS – no extensions or agents of any kind.

True Continuous Testing

True Continuous Testing

We allow QA testers to create test scenarios before the code is even ready, while it’s being written, thus becoming an integral part of the agile development process.


  • Scheduler
  • Application monitoring
  • Pre-defined testing flow to keep up with Agile processes
  • Drag & Drop flow chart builder
  • Live run of your tests
  • Integrated testing lab
  • Smart Email Verification
  • Multiple platforms
  • Parallel runs
  • Defined testing suites
  • Screenshots of every test stage
  • Test modeling
  • Detailed dashboard
  • Data-driven testing
  • Versions management
  • Reuse testing components
  • On-the-Fly binding & fixing
  • Score-based Smart Binding mechanism
  • Email & SMS alerts
  • Test labs, CI/CD, issue management & test management integrations
  • Scripter
  • Database validation

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