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The new Selenium Bricks – now Selenium modules are easily accessible to all testers

Manual testers can often feel they are missing out on the growing Selenium adoption and the immense capabilities that it entails. Almost every week, we’re asked in Quora if we think manual testers should learn how to code using Selenium. We believe manual testing has many unique advantages that can be lost in the transformation to code, but there’s still a simple way to incorporate automation. This was part of the reason a codeless test automation platform was needed and why we based it on Selenium. Now, we decided to take this even further and enable manual testers to adapt and use new features that were introduced by the Selenium community.

Are you hesitant to use a codeless test automation platform?

On the other hand, if you are an automation engineer, you are used to a certain standard of code. You are free to use any Selenium code library whether you created your own or adopted a plugin from the online community. So for you, codeless might sound a bit useless or inferior. If our guess is right, you’re probably part of a team which includes both manual and automation engineers. Well, we had you in mind as well when designing Selenium Bricks. You can now easily add functionality to the TestCraft platform by creating code libraries according to your specific needs, import them into the TestCraft platform and allow your manual testing colleagues to use them immediately.

The Adoption of Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium, an open-source framework mainly used for testing, is known for having a large and active community of developers around it and has become the de-facto standard for testing web applications. Within the community, developers publish code libraries and modules that support different functionalities for other engineers to leverage in their own frameworks.

Selenium Bricks makes such libraries easily accessible for manual testers, directly on the TestCraft WYSIWYG user interface. It allows TestCraft’s users to import existing code libraries into their account and enrich the set of feature and capabilities that the TestCraft platform offers.

So, whether you’re a manual tester or automation engineer, you can now use Selenium Bricks to step up your QA game.

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