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Selenium Testing

All you need to know and consider before incorporating automation
into your manual testing operation

About this eBook


In this eBook, we have covered the different alternatives you can choose when you’ve decided you want to add automation to your QA operation based on Selenium.

You can choose between 2 major options:

1) Building your own Selenium testing automation framework and code your own tests.

2) A codeless automation tool

We will cover all the different considerations you need to take into account, including their expected time and cost, such as:

  • What does it take to built your own framework?
  • In-house or outsource?
  • Teaching testers to code or hire developers
  • Automation maintenance
  • And more…

We decided to focus on Selenium as it has become the de-facto standard for testing web applications, with a growing adoption and a large community to support and consult with.

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