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Smart Binding

Software testing has come a long way the past few years, from manual testing to automation, and now AI and machine learning. With this in mind, we aim to make the next move towards future testing trends.

AI and Machine Learning Algorithm

We incorporated AI and machine learning capabilities into our platform. We now have the ability to learn and identify changes over time and learn how the app usually changes in order to automatically fix the tests to adapt to the change. 

Our unique machine learning algorithm takes a different approach to “Selenium locators”, an approach which enables us to automatically fix 97.4% of the changes that occur in the app and cut maintenance time.

In order to successfully share this tool with you, we incorporated two different algorithms to identify an element – technical HTML attributes and weight distribution algorithms. The algorithms allow everything to be updated automatically on your test flow. By principle, the user should not have to touch these attributed, but in some cases, if the users wish to they can do so to enhance it.

An example of this is to test out a login feature. The first attributes that are shown are the username, password, and the “click” login button. Imagine there is a new version release and the “remember me” checkbox was added, so now the login button has changed shape and position. Our Smart Binding Algorithm will not be deceived and will automatically overcome these changes, so the test would not break.  

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