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Email Testing

Many companies regularly send out various email messages to their customers: support messages, reports, exported data, surveys, marketing messages etc. As this is a major communication channel for many companies, it is important to make sure that they are sent correctly, to the right person, with the right personalized message, that they are legible, that the functionality they offer is working properly (i.e., clicking on links etc.), and that opting out is a valid option. Otherwise, this could lead to severe consequences.  

Email Verifier Software

Have no fear. Our Smart Email Verification tool includes every execution you may need to make opening an email address on your testing framework. This may include two-factor authentication – meaning, the registration process where a customer applies with his username and password and awaits a confirmation email or checking that an email address was deleted from a list.


A big problem these days is the amount of spam we all get from certain companies, organizations, people, etc. Sometimes the action of unsubscribing may take a while or will never occur. It is likely that your request to unsubscribe was avoided and you were left on the mailing list. In the end, the penalty of that company can be a lawsuit just for abstaining that request. With our smart email verification and monitoring, this will not happen!


How Monitoring Your Email Verification Works

This feature is a model you can use as part of your test. You can define an email address and use it as part of the test scenario. Within the scenario, you can check whatever you need that involves either the email content or the actions that are supposed to happen as a consequence of the email. For example, if there is a company that sends out daily emails, several of the receivers may ask to be unsubscribed. It is important to verify the unsubscribe button functions correctly and places the people who opted out on a certain list.

Other useful examples can be to test and monitor your inbox for specific execution such as test user registration, ensure confirmation emails are received, check unsubscribed mailing lists, etc.

Testing Email Related Issues With Recorders

You probably know that testing emails with recorders are difficult. With recorders, you can easily create an automated test of actions that you’d like to do on a website. But, you can not check that the actions actually occurred in an external service, such as the mailbox.

You can not verify that an email was sent, its content, or that the links that the email contains actually work. This new TestCraft feature was created to overcome this and provide you with those capabilities, which is only one of the differences between TestCraft and Recorders.

Codeless Selenium Test Automation

TestCraft is a SaaS test automation platform for regression and continuous testing, as well as monitoring of web applications. With TestCraft testers can visually create automated, Selenium-based tests using a drag-and-drop interface, and run them on multiple browsers and work environments, simultaneously. No coding skills required.

TestCraft allows for faster and more resilient test creation, execution and maintenance, as it creates a dynamic test model that can be easily updated to reflect changes to your app.


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