How software testing processes have changed while working from home [Infographic]

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How software testing processes have changed while working from home

As most organizations worldwide have shifted to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, industries everywhere have undergone major changes to adapt to this new normal. Not only must organizations address their customers’ needs differently, but they must also find ways to create a collaborative and productive environment throughout their workforces.

For industries that rely heavily on in-person interactions, such as healthcare, retail, and travel, the adjustments that employees have had to go through to provide the same quality of service have been astronomical. But how does this impact industries that mostly operate online but enjoy the benefits that come with working in an office and speaking with coworkers in person?

Since software testers mostly fall into the latter category, many take to different online forums to discuss the changes that have happened in their work since the onset of COVID-19. Here are some of our favorite responses from Reddit:

How software testing processes have changed while working from home [infographic]

Source: Reddit

What software testers had to say:

“I actually look forward to meetings now.” – TheSlowestCheetah

“Standard stuff… VPNs, virtual machines, whitelisted IPs. The kind of hoops that they typically make offshore jump through.” – spaaaaaghetaboutit

“Aside from bringing hardware home (product involves physical hardware), it’s pretty much the same, with more communication with the team.” – bluewings93

“While I expect I might be more productive in the short run, there is some really good stuff that happens at the “watercooler” (coffee machine) at work. Sometimes it’s just meaningless chats/gossip… but other times its invaluably productive and meaningful. I can do this lockdown for a while, but I need that other stuff too.” – Hello____World_____

“Process wise, no real change. The intangibles are suffering though: worse communication, lower energy, and less focus (so lower productivity). Folks are voluntarily working longer hours because they’re thinking long hours=productive, but really they’re just less efficient.” – op4k3

“It’s been good. The people on the team that weren’t very tech-savvy now at least know how video calling and VOIP work now.” – ManikMiner

“Maybe got even more time to react to early morning regression test results.” – ExtremeProfession

“WFH and hanging with the family is awesome. Many of the meetings were by video chat before now they are again.” – enokeenu

“I can’t do a lot of my work from home. I work on control systems that can’t be easily moved and with a very controlled network…The way everything is set up, if I want to actually perform testing, I have to be in the building.” – Roboman20000


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