How to Improve Testability


Webinar with Nicola Lindgren, Test Consultant, House of Test

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Are your tests missing defects? What can & should you be testing an application for?

For many teams, the answers are not always clear. In such cases, improving testability should be a top priority.

Learn how to answer these questions and more. Watch our guest webinar with Nicola Lindgren, Test Consultant with House of Test, who has transformed teams by turning testability into a team sport.

She will share her insights — grounded in her diverse first-hand experience — on what exactly testability means and how to improve it at your organizations.

  • What is testability?
  • How to ask for testability in your team.
  • Warning signs of poor testability.
  • How to advocate for better testability.

About Nicola Lindgren

Nicola Lindgren is a Test Consultant with House of Test and founder of the Stockholm Software Testing Meet-Up. She has worked on diverse range of projects in a variety of industries, including trade, education, online and card payments, retail, and e-commerce. She also has experience across many environments: Agile (Scrum, Kanban), Continuous Delivery, and Waterfall. Nicola is the co-founder of the WeTest Auckland testing meet-up and co-instructor for the BBST Foundations course. For her thoughts on software testing, check out her blog:

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Nicola Lindgren

Test Consultant, House of Test