Codeless Test Automation for Salesforce

Create automated tests quickly through the Salesforce UI.

AI automatically overcomes changes in the app to eliminate test breakages.

Aligned with Salesforce updates.

e2e test automation scenario

Create Custom End-to-End Test Scenarios that Fit Both Lightning and Classic

Intuitively create test flows using our unique visual modeling tool. TestCraft produces a model – not a recording – for every flow allowing you to run it with different data sets.

e2e test automation scenario

No Coding Skills Required

No need to hire and train test developers – keep your existing Salesforce personnel. TestCraft enhances teamwork since tests are easily described in a visual way. Now tests aren’t only limited to developers. 

Machine learning self healing mechanism

Overcome Frequent Salesforce App Changes with AI-based Technology

Our unique machine learning algorithm takes a different approach to “Selenium locators.” This approach enables us to automatically fix 97.4% of the changes that occur in the app, and cuts down on maintenance time and resources.

Machine learning self healing mechanism

Be ready for Salesforce periodical updates

Be Ready for Periodical Updates from Salesforce

TestCraft is aligned with periodical updates from Salesforce, ensuring that your tests are ready to go following those releases.

Selenium-Based, No Setup

We use Selenium under the hood so that your Salesforce team benefits from using Selenium without the heavy setup, complexity, and cost of actually writing code. That’s what we mean by Codeless Selenium.


Our built-in integrations cover the entire development cycle: Test Management, Issue Management, CI/CD, Notification, and Communication. We integrate with tools such as Jira, Slack, Jenkins, GitLab, TeamCity, and Visual Studio.


Your data is secured according to the highest possible standards.

True Continuous Testing

Shift Left for Continuous Testing

Test scenarios can be created before the code is even ready. This makes testing more integrated into the agile development process.

Identify All Salesforce Elements

Identify All Salesforce Elements

Salesforce frequently adopts the latest technology, such as Shadow DOM, which makes it difficult to identify elements in the application. TestCraft is specially designed to identify any element in the Salesforce application such as tabs, menus, and drop-downs. 

Identify All Salesforce Elements

Reuse test scenarios

Reuse Elements

Reuse existing test scenarios (like the login process) to quickly create new tests. When a scenario is changed, the change is automatically applied to all other tests that use that scenario.

Easy apply change to tests

Easy Fix

Salesforce applications change frequently, which means their tests need to be changed easily. Since the tests are built as visual models, changes are applied by just a few clicks on-the-fly, or directly on the visual canvas. All other tests that are affected by these changes will automatically be updated accordingly.

Easy apply change to tests


  • Scheduler
  • Application monitoring
  • Pre-defined testing flow to keep up with Agile processes
  • Drag & Drop flow chart builder
  • Live run of your tests
  • Integrated testing lab
  • Smart Email Verification
  • Multiple platforms
  • Parallel runs
  • Defined testing suites
  • Screenshots of every test stage
  • Test modeling
  • Detailed dashboard
  • Data-driven testing
  • Versions management
  • Reuse testing components
  • On-the-Fly binding & fixing
  • Score-based Smart Binding mechanism
  • Email & SMS alerts
  • Test labs, CI/CD, issue management & test management integrations
  • Scripter
  • Database validation

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