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TestCraft integration with Jira

TestCraft is pleased to announce its integration with Jira.

Jira is the most popular project and issue tracking software, used by millions of agile development and testing teams around the world.

Now, you can directly report bugs from TestCraft to Jira thanks to the integration!

When TestCraft detects a bug, it lets you open a bug report in Jira seamlessly, and export all accompanying screenshots and videos.   

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How It Can Work

For QA managers that run a manual testing operation and looking to automate parts of its testing, TestCraft is an ideal solution. Built with manual testers in mind, TestCraft allows for quick & simple test creation without the need to code.

Especially suitable for regression testing, the codeless automation offered by TestCraft enables manual testers to create and manage large amounts of tests and boost the productiveness of the entire testing team.

That’s where the integration with Jira comes in – simplifying the reporting and tracking of bugs across the entire development cycle. With agile methodology requiring testing teams to speed up and work more efficiently, TestCraft’s integration with Jira makes bug reporting a worry-free task.


Here’s a quick look at how it works:

Via TestCraft you create a new bug report directly in Jira.

Jira integration

The bug report has been seamlessly imported to Jira.

Jira integration

TestCraft groups together all the bugs opened in Jira.

Jira integration

There Must Be a Better Testing Way – There Is, It’s TestCraft

Slogans aside, TestCraft allows you a fully automated testing environment, completely codeless, with in-the-box execution and plug & play implementation.

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