TestCraft Codeless Selenium Joins the Perforce Family

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TestCraft Codeless Selenium Joins the Perforce Family

I’m excited to share with all of you that TestCraft is now part of Perforce Software, a global provider of enterprise DevOps solutions. Through Perforce’s acquisition of TestCraft, we are excited to help even more teams release high-quality web applications at scale and deliver innovation quickly to the market.

As one of TestCraft’s co-founders, I’ve had the privilege of watching the company grow, develop, and flourish over the last few years. After enjoying a close partnership with Perforce in the past, I look forward to increasing and expanding our impact as a full-fledged member of the Perforce testing portfolio.

Codeless test automation at scale

As organizations are looking to provide the best digital experiences to their audiences, teams need a robust way to launch web applications quickly without compromising on software quality. With an unprecedented emphasis on creating flawless digital experiences over the last few months, this demand is more critical than ever.

TestCraft’s codeless test automation platform meets these challenges in a number of ways. Most notably:

  • Our intuitive UI allows teams to build and modify Selenium-based tests quickly, regardless of coding experience.
  • Our unique test modeling capabilities shorten test creation time by allowing teams to reuse test steps and scenarios
  • Our AI-based, self-healing technology reduces the time spent on test maintenance by overcoming over 95% of changes in your web application.
  • We are a SaaS platform, which allows for easy setup and onboarding for both remote and distributed teams

Combined, we allow teams to perform Selenium test automation at scale. Our exceptional technology has helped companies in a wide range of industries shorten their release cycles, minimize repetitive testing, and spend more time increasing their test coverage strategically.

New codeless automation opportunities on the horizon

We are looking forward to taking our codeless automation capabilities to the next level as part of the Perforce family. Perforce is a leader in enterprise-scale software for DevOps teams, and I look forward to advancing our technology with them to realize our customers’ testing objectives.

Going forward, TestCraft will continue working to develop and offer its codeless test automation platform focusing on our customers’ success. Our community will continue to work with our growing team of automation experts to ensure you get the best attention and care.

Our customers will also have a unique opportunity to benefit from Perforce’s wider array of services, including products for version control, ALM and agile planning, static code analysis, and developer collaboration. In addition, both I and TestCraft co-founder Yarin Podoler will remain in our leadership roles, fully committed to executing on our roadmap and advancing our technology.

I am energized by the opportunities that lie ahead, and look forward to helping accelerate the innovation and delivery of the industry’s most complete and advanced test automation solutions as part of Perforce.

For those of you who have yet to join us, I invite you to book a demo or start a free trial of TestCraft.


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