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We always aspire to be ahead of the game, to provide our growing lists of clients with the most comprehensive automated testing solution, while also answering their specific needs.

How to create more complex test flows

One such need that we’ve encountered with multiple clients was ‘If’ Conditions – having the ability to create more complex test flows that take into account multiple variables.

One of the simplest examples of the need for the If’ Conditions feature is a pop-up, that many websites use as a conversion tool. Pop-ups that block the screen and require the user to close them before being able to continue browsing creates a challenge for testing because of their irregularity. Recorders, for instance, are unable to deal with pop-ups.

TestCraft’s newest feature

Our new ‘If’ Conditions feature allows for an ‘If’ function to be created within the test flow – if a pop up appears, close it and move along with the rest of the flow.

The ‘If’ comes as an element that can be easily added to the flow, allowing for branching of two possible scenarios following the condition. There is no limit to the number of ‘If’s that can be added to a flow and you can reuse this element in all relevant flows, instead of creating it over and over.

The benefits of a complex test flow on an automation platform

We believe in making a tester’s life easier by allowing the breakdown of tests to many small reusable pieces. This makes even the most complex test scenarios faster and more efficient. True, one can raise the question as to why make these tests even more complex instead of just writing a bunch of little tests. A concern might be that a tester would end up having to write more tests to override the complexity of these multi-variable tests. The good news is while using the ‘If’ feature our platform can automatically apply the changes in the app to other ‘If’ branches that use this element. Now there is no need to worry about a too complex test scenario.

An example of this is, reusing the login scenario – now you won’t need to write the scenario over and over. Allowing your team members to use the same ‘pieces’ that you or another team member has already designed is one of the many benefits of this feature. 

The ‘If’ Conditions is another step forward for TestCraft in its involvement in becoming the most comprehensive automated testing solution – without the need to use code. We are hard at work adding new features and capabilities to our platform.

Stay tuned for more developments.

Here is a look at our new feature:

If featureIf feature

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