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Dropdown lists are one of the key elements of website hierarchy and navigation online. Without them, you won’t be able to build a layered site with categories, inner pages, and so on.

Surprisingly, some automated testing solutions, recorders primarily, are unable to validate attributes of a dropdown list. Meaning, you won’t be able to test dropdowns with those testing solutions.

Testing Dropdown Lists in TestCraft is a Non-issue.

There is nothing you need to know or do in order to test dropdowns in TestCraft. It simply just works.

Again, testing dropdowns in TestCraft are as simple as using them. Our test elements are generated as complete, Selenium code-based models that count on a multitude of attributes to define and later use in each element.

How to Test Dropdown Lists in TestCraft

Simply include the dropdown list as a part of the flow and select the value. It will be tested.

Including an element within a flow is simple and is done either by using our drag-and-drop canvas or on a live mode, by running the app, pointing and clicking the elements in the flow, using our On-the-Fly mechanism. A test model will be built which you can then run upon schedule on different browsers and work environments.

Here’s how it looks in action:

There Must Be a Better Testing Way – There Is, It’s TestCraft

Slogans aside, TestCraft allows you a fully automated testing environment, completely codeless, with in-the-box execution and plug & play implementation.


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