5 tips for testing SaaS applications [Infographic]

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5 tips for testing SaaS applications

SaaS application models are only continuing to grow in popularity, thanks to their scalability, flexibility, license cost reduction, and automatic updates. Yet while they offer many advantages over on-premise solutions, they also present certain unique challenges that companies need to keep in mind.

This infographic shares some top tips for how to address these challenges when testing SaaS applications:

Tip #1: Focus on the user experience

  • There is a lot of competition among SaaS providers, due to the many benefits of SaaS software
  • While users can implement a SaaS platform easily, it’s also very simple for them to churn
  • Therefore, testers need to keep the user experience at the forefront of their testing to keep their competitive edge

Tip #2: Prioritize high-traffic areas of your application

  • Since SaaS software goes through frequent release cycles, speed is key in SaaS testing
  • There are many areas testers need to cover when testing SaaS applications, but time is often limited
  • To make the most out of SaaS testing cycles, identify and focus on the more highly accessed areas of your application

Tip #3: Automate testing to address frequent update challenges

  • To keep up with short release cycles, testers can also benefit from automated testing to reduce time spent on repetitive and monotonous tasks
  • AI-based automation testing tools can help optimize SaaS application testing even more by adapting test scenarios automatically to frequent UI changes

Tip #4: Check data security policies

  • Many companies that want to implement a SaaS testing tool worry about data security concerns that come from having client information in the cloud
  • Companies should check their automation testing tool’s data security policies to make sure it addresses their security concerns
  • For additional security regarding sensitive data, testers should check if they can select which data to use in their test automation platform

Tip #5: Prepare a test plan in advance

  • Creating a clear testing strategy is key to SaaS testing success
  • Start simple, and then build up to more complex test scenarios
  • Set relevant KPIs early on to track progress properly


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