UI test automation best practices [Infographic]

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UI test automation best practices

UI testing is an essential part of any test automation pipeline. Yet to ensure that your UI test automation is done as efficiently as possible, it’s important to implement it strategically and thoughtfully.

This infographic offers a few important UI testing best practices:

UI automation testing best practices infographicSource for creating this infographic: Dzone.com

Name your tests clearly

When naming your tests, make sure they describe clearly the functionality that you would like to test. It is also important to be aware of how your tool may organize your test automatically, whether alphabetically or according to their test suites.

Don’t rely solely on UI testing

According to Mike Cohn’s agile testing pyramid, UI testing should only account for 10% of your test automation pipeline. UI tests are high-level, which means that they provide feedback more slowly and are tested later in the SDLC. While important, make sure your UI testing is part of a larger agile test automation strategy.

Choose your browsers wisely

While cross-browser testing is important, don’t waste time testing each function across all browsers. Instead, use a limited test suite that performs all the main workflows and interacts with all web elements at least once to ensure browser compatibility.

Data-driven testing

Minimize your test maintenance with data-driven testing. With this type of testing, you can test the same workflow while using different data points. This takes away the need to create unnecessary repeated tests.

Set up detailed reporting

When choosing a UI testing tool, make sure to explore the reporting capabilities that the tools offer. Helpful reporting features include screenshots, videos, and integrations with notification tools.


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