The Ultimate Checklist for Selecting a Test Automation Tool

About this checklist


To keep up with faster release cycles, QA teams are turning to test automation tools to speed up their testing processes. When implemented successfully, testers can ensure both high-quality and high-quantity work that will support their companies’ agile environment.

To better sift through the different tools on the market, here are some of the top questions you should ask when choosing a test automation tool. We compiled this checklist from a pool of 5,000+ conversations we’ve had with testing executives while selecting their own test automation tool. It covers topics that are essential to the test automation tool selection process, such as:

  • Test creation & modification
  • AI and machine learning capabilities
  • Security

Keep in mind that no matter what you choose, no single test automation tool will satisfy all of your testing needs. When building your test automation technology stack, it is critical to set up specific goals for each tool you choose. Only then can you sufficiently determine whether or not that tool is right for your company.

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