Perfecto Selects TestCraft As Its Sole Codeless Selenium Platform

We are proud to announce Perfecto signed a major OEM with us, selecting our tool as its sole codeless Selenium platform. Under the agreement, Perfecto’s customers will have access to our technology, enabling them to turn their manual test scenarios into robust, Selenium-based automation faster, easier, and without the need to replace their existing team with dedicated Selenium developers. Read more about it here.

VPN Services

We now offer a virtual private cloud on Amazon that allows customers to have their own separate test environment for execution as part of our platform and create a VPN tunnel between the virtual private cloud and the customer network. This option is considered more secure and satisfies customers in highly regulated industries such as banking, insurance, financial services, etc. We also have an on-prem version where everything runs in the customer’s network, but in this case, the customer loses some of the benefits of using a SaaS platform.

AI-based Testing

We can overcome 97.4% of the changed in the app (changes that were not caused by a change in the app logic or process). You can find the drill down of our ML methods and how our algorithm work to be able to automatically overcome changes in the app and keep tests from failing in our past webinar.

Extended Knowledge Base

We added a knowledge base help tab to ensure an easy application of our tool for our users.

On-the-Fly Platform Additions

Easily create a test scenario on our On-the-Fly platform. Now you can add and delete test steps with just a few clicks, while you are running the test. Plus a new data view that allows a simpler UI for On-the-fly test scenarios.

GitLab Integration

Once again we made it easier for our users to shift left and keep up with the demanding release cycles. Now with our new integration with GitLab, our users will have more CI/CD platforms to choose from.

Slack Integration

When you run and execute tests on our platform you can set an action to allow notifications to be sent straight to your Slack account. This will allow you and your team members to be notified when your test, for example, fails and you can fix it as soon as it happens.