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From Waterfalls to DevOps – How Testing Evolved and what the Future of Testing Holds

Future of Testing

Yaniv Levin, who sits on our advisory board, just published a fascinating article on Huddle, EuroStar testing blog, about the future of testing:

From Waterfall To Agile To DevOps: How It Evolved And What The Future Holds

Based on his experience as a functional testing executive in HP, Yaniv details the delicate balance of development and testing since the waterfall days up until the current methodology of agile / DevOps and looks ahead to speculate how the integration of testing into the development process will affect software development as a whole.

As Yaniv states in his article, looking at the evolvement of software development in the last 15 years or so enables us to understand the potential that’s still left to fulfill.

Testing wise, it’s incredible to see that quantum leap that the field has made. From complete reliance on manual testing, it has evolved to highly a sophisticated process that integrates coding, automation, and dedicated frameworks.

As always, progress brings with it not only benefits but also challenges and testing is no different. Yaniv goes in length into the current challenges that testing faces and how they can be solved (spoiler alert: codeless!)

It’s a great read for anyone who is part of software development and testing specifically.


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