The New Era of Test Automation

Codeless Selenium Test Automation

Learn how you can turn your manual test operation into an automated one, without the complexities of building an automation framework or hiring test developers.


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As more and more software development teams are adopting an agile work method, the need for faster and more efficient testing is becoming increasingly urgent.
In light of this, many companies turn to test automation as the answer.

In this webinar, we will look at the complexities and challenges of shifting from manual testing to an automated one, and offer a unique solution – codeless test automation.

We will present you a live demonstration of a codeless automation platform and will cover most of the scenarios you want to achieve by switching to automation, followed by a Q&A session.

What you can expect to learn:

  • The advantages of manual testing you should preserve when transferring into automation
  • The complexities of setting up automation framework
  • How you can use all the advantages of Selenium test automation while avoiding the pitfalls that are failing many automation projects
  • How to create automated test scenarios without writing a line of code
  • How to maintain tests upon changes in the app
  • How to automatically apply the changes to all existing tests
  • How to incorporate different data sets
  • How to re-use test elements
  • And much more


 Dror Todress

Founder & CEO, TestCraft

Niranjan Limbachiya

Founder & CEO, KiwiQA

Our co-host for the webinar: