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Automate Your Manual Testing. No Framework. Maintenance Free.

TestCraft is

TestCraft is a test automation platform for regression and continuous testing, as well as monitoring of web applications. Our revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technology eliminates maintenance time and cost as it automatically overcomes changes in the app. 

With TestCraft testers can visually create automated, Selenium-based tests using a drag and drop interface, and run them on multiple browsers and work environments, simultaneously. No coding skills required.

TestCraft allows for faster test creation, execution, and maintenance, as it creates a dynamic test model that can be easily updated to reflect changes to your app. Our customers release more frequently, integrate with CI/CD and improve the overall quality of their digital products.



Quick setup & rapid test creation. No framework required

AI Auto Fix

AI Auto Fix

Our AI-based, self-healing technology overcomes changes in the app



Run simultaneous tests on multiple platforms & work environments

Super Simple

Super Simple

Beautiful & intuitive UI, smooth UX, no dev skills required. Master in no time

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Unique On-the-Fly mechanism fixes issues during run time



Pure SaaS; testing becomes an integral part of the agile process

Existing Solutions Aren’t Enough. Here’s Why:

Legacy tools
Are complex,
expensive & time-consuming
Traditional testing tools require a significant investment just to get started and are expensive to maintain.
TestCraft is more agile, more affordable and has a shorter learning curve.
Have only limited capabilities and tend to break easily
The smallest change in code breaks the recording and requires the tester to start over.
TestCraft creates a model for every test flow - not a recording - that can be edited and adjusted.
Requires coding skills and is very demanding to maintain
Changes in software need to constantly be accommodated in testing code. This causes many code-based test automation project to ultimately fail.
TestCraft uses On-the-Fly binding to adapt to most app changes.
Manual testing
Is unreliable & inefficient and creates a major bottleneck
It’s repetitive and difficult to manage, and is neither cost-effective nor trustworthy.
TestCraft believes manual testers has important business & testing knowledge therefore it enables them to turn their testing scenarios into robust automation.

A Complete End to End Testing Experience



Codeless Selenium

TestCraft operates on top of Selenium, and generates code automatically whenever a test scenario is created.

We support Selenium code libraries, plus Shadow DOM, iFrames, and other complex web components.

With TestCraft, you get all the benefits of Selenium without coding.

TestCraft’s Integrations

We thought of every angle related to the testing cycle when choosing our built in integrations – Test Management, Issue Management, CI/CD, Notifications & Communication. We constantly are adding more integrations to enhance the continuous testing process.

Ideal for Testing Major Enterprise SaaS Platforms

Salesforce     SAP    Workday    ServiceNow


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