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Takeoff With Automated Web Testing

Go from manual to automated testing fast with
the codeless UI testing automation tool for web apps.

Codeless Selenium Testing Tool. AI Eliminates Maintenance.

TestCraft accelerates test creation, execution, and maintenance of UI tests for web & mobile web applications. 

Test Faster

Test Faster

Automate stable regression & UI tests quickly. No framework setup.

Enhance Productivity With AI

Enhance Productivity With AI

AI auto-fixes flaky tests. No maintenance. 4x productivity.

Release Confidently

Release Confidently

Test continuously at scale. Run simultaneous tests across platforms & environments.

Stable UI Testing Automation in Minutes

Drag and drop using the canvas (below) or build on the fly in your app.

Why TestCraft for Automated Web UI Testing?

A quality automated UI test tool at everyone’s fingertips.

  • TestCraft has taken our efficiency and overall product quality to a whole new level. We would have never tested as much as we do now as quickly as we do now without it.

    Kevin Jason
    Kevin Jason Director of Development at ten24
  • With the code-free nature of TestCraft we were able to quickly and efficiently train our entire testing team to create automated tests.

    Chen Halio
    Chen Halio Director of Quality, The Phoenix

Fast Features for Better Automated Web Testing

Log in and go with a fully featured codeless test automation tool.

How TestCraft Works

Codeless Selenium With AI-Based Maintenance


Manual testers automatically generate Selenium code.

No need to learn a framework, train testers, or hire new ones.

TestCraft AI technology self-heals 97% of broken tests.

Supports Selenium code libraries, Shadow DOM, iFrames, and more.


Everything you need for modern testing with CI/CD.

Launch Codeless UI Test Automation With TestCraft

See how fast & easy test automation should be.