Architecting a test strategy

by Brendan Connolly, EuroStar Rising Star Award recipient

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“A test strategy brings teams together to establish a foundational set of principles of quality into their apps together. Teams vary, and products and applications vary, so how do we build a testing strategy tailored to your needs that helps teams build quality products?

In this session, we will look at the role of automation within a test strategy. I’ll provide heuristics to help guide you in identifying how many you need and what types of tests to automate. Then we will investigate the personas involved within automation projects. The creators, executors, and consumers of automation to help you tune your strategy to fit your team.

Finally, I’ll share a model that teams can use to help guide them in crafting and discussing their own test strategy. A strategy that sets a foundation for quality, identifies where the app needs support, and how that risk is being managed through the software development lifecycle.”

Expect to learn:

  • What types of tests to automate
  • Tips for building your own testing strategy
  • How to create a test strategy that will work with your team

Our Speaker

Brendan Connolly is an experienced software tester, speaker and writer. He is the recipient of the EuroStar Rising Star Award and currently is a Staff QA Engineer at Procore Technologies in Santa Barbara, California. He is focused on creating and executing testing strategies while using his coding powers for developing tooling to help make testers’ lives easier.

Our Speaker

Brendan Connolly

Staff QA Engineer at Procore Technologies | EuroStar Rising Star Award recipient