How organizations can adapt to the new software needs of COVID-19

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How organizations can adapt to the new software needs of COVID-19

COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has shaken the world to its core. From social distancing to massive runs on supermarkets, people’s lives are going through a major upheaval as they adjust to this new way of life. Businesses and organizations have also gone through many changes in recent weeks, developing new plans to address the new realities that lie ahead.

As we are preparing to face the difficulties that are sure to come, organizations around the world must adapt and respond immediately to the extraordinary challenges posed by this pandemic. With an unparalleled increase in demand for websites and other online services, many are tasked with developing and launching new web applications from scratch quickly and flawlessly. Organizations must also face unprecedented obstacles in order to deal with their audiences’ growing online needs, whether it’s dealing with remote work or keeping their existing applications running smoothly without issue.

Here are just a few ways that TestCraft’s automated testing tool can help your organization pivot as quickly as possible to best face these troubling times.

New, urgent business demands in the age of coronavirus

In this new age of COVID-19, organizations must adapt to the various societal changes that are happening around the world both instantly and efficiently. We already see this happening in many industries, whether it’s healthcare providers making the switch to telemedicine, eCommerce companies banding together to donate their products to hospitals and other places that might need them, or businesses, like supermarkets, that are trying to keep up with growing online demand. These changes are especially apparent in governmental organizations as well, many of whom need to develop and launch applications quickly to better address the growing needs of the public.

While software testers often feel the pressure to speed up their testing in order to release more software to production, the demand for increased speed while also maintaining and increasing test coverage has multiplied exponentially in recent weeks. For some industries, the services that are now in such high demand are completely new and need to be developed and tested from scratch. This only makes the urgent need for releasing these new applications quickly even stronger.

Organizations must also contend with internal changes happening within their own workforces. They must ensure more than ever that their online channels are working properly as most personnel are switching to remote work. While teams are physically separated, organizations need to make sure that their employees are maintaining the same (or at least similar) levels of productivity, as well as foster a collaborative work environment. Having employees in different places also creates security concerns, since a wider cyberattack surface exposes the company to greater cyber risk.

Ways businesses must pivot quickly during COVID-19

  • Create and launch new applications at breakneck speeds that address the ever-changing needs of their audiences
  • Foster a productive and collaborative work environment as workforces are going completely remote
  • Address up-and-coming cybersecurity concerns
  • Ensure that their applications run smoothly without bugs, manage sensitive data effectively, and respond to requests both properly and accurately

With this extra emphasis on going digital, software testing should not and cannot be the bottleneck that prevents organizations from making these essential changes.

How TestCraft can help you shorten & speed up release cycles

Whether you’re a company looking to maintain your existing testing operations or feel like you’re scrambling to address these new challenges, TestCraft is here to help:

Adjust seamlessly to changes in work

SaaS-based remote work

As a SaaS solution, TestCraft’s codeless test automation platform allows teams to transition easily to remote work. Anyone involved in the software testing process can test your application’s newest feature or latest update from anywhere at any time.

Share your work with your teammates

Additionally, TestCraft allows team members to share test scenarios. Not only does this help everyone see each other’s progress clearly, but it also lets testers reuse the test steps and scenarios built by their teammates in their own automated tests moving forward.

Quick and easy to start; no coding or special technical skills required

TestCraft’s visual platform makes onboarding a short and straightforward process. Our sleek interface helps organizations adapt to this change of remote work quickly, without requiring special skills or long hours of training. Anyone can learn how to build and execute automated tests, regardless of coding experience, which can help make testing faster and simpler overall. This will ultimately help your company release high-quality applications and important updates at the rate that your users and customers need these days.

Example test run from TestCraft’s easy-to-use codeless testing platform

Example test run from TestCraft’s easy-to-use codeless testing platform.

Give your team the tools for clear communication

Accessible to all team members

TestCraft’s user-friendly, visual platform makes automated testing accessible to everyone on the team, from the most technical developer to C-suite level managers. Whether you’re looking to deep-dive into an issue or see the larger testing strategy from a thirty-thousand-foot view, TestCraft’s platform allows individuals and teams to communicate clearly with one another.

Easy communication among remote teams

There are also various ways that team members can communicate easily with one another while working remotely, such as Slack and email notifications. TestCraft is accustomed to serving QA teams that operate multi-nationally, where team members can share bugs, errors, and discuss them with one another quickly and simply. Whether it’s through the platform directly or through our integrations with many of these notification platforms, TestCraft users can share screenshots, test execution reports, and videos that indicate plainly what needs to be fixed.

How TestCraft enables notifications to your favorite messaging platform

How TestCraft enables notifications to your favorite messaging platform.

Stay assured that your test automation is secure

With many industries going virtual, organizations want assurance that their data is still secure. While some are still nervous about working with SaaS platforms, TestCraft customers can rest assured that they can test in a secure environment.

Scheduling capabilities

Even if your team isn’t online, you still need to make sure that all of your tests are working properly. TestCraft offers a variety of scheduling options, where you can schedule tests at any time to confirm that your essential processes are running constantly with zero issues.

Safe and secure

We are proud to have ISO 27001 certification, as well as comply with general data protection regulations that impact specific industries, such as HIPAA, PCI, and others.

We encrypt your data end-to-end, and all interactions with servers happen over an SSL transmission. TestCraft also offers an option to set up a dedicated AWS Virtual Private Cloud and use VPN tunneling to connect this VPC to the applications under test in your customer network.

Furthermore, testers have the flexibility to choose which data to keep within the TestCraft platform by using a data file instead of entering the data directly into TestCraft. This way TestCraft will only use data during test runs and delete it after the test is over.

Continue to increase your test coverage

During a regular sprint, testers are always looking to minimize the amount of time they spend on fixing flaky tests. In today’s times, testers need to optimize their work as much as possible.

AI-based, self-healing technology

With TestCraft’s AI-based, self-healing technology that overcomes over 90% of changes in the application, testers can reduce the amount of time they spend on test maintenance dramatically. This will give testers the opportunity to increase their test coverage and pursue other areas of testing that require more attention and intervention, such as exploratory testing.

Keep your software testing stress-free

In these uncertain times, organizations are under a tremendous amount of strain as they try to adapt to the changes brought by COVID-19 as quickly and efficiently as possible. Testing to make sure that your applications continue to be high-quality and run properly should not be a source of worry. With TestCraft’s codeless test automation platform, organizations anywhere can release reliable, high-quality applications at the fast speeds they need.


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