Mobbing (not just for programming)

A guest webinar by Lee Marshall

Lee Marshall (The Pirate Tester)

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Have you ever been in a team where you want to learn from more experienced members, but there isn’t time to learn from them? Or worked on a project, and you get delayed waiting for responses from people, which cause further delays?

What if I could offer you a way of working that allows everyone to learn together, create immediate feedback, and allow the best work to happen?

In this presentation, I will walk you through what the approach known as “Mobbing” or “Mob Programming” is, how it gives a team a way to give their best whilst learning from one another, and how you can use it for more than just programming.

By the end, you will not only know what mobbing is, but know how to start your own mob.

Our Speaker

Lee Marshall has been testing software for 8 years, most recently testing databases and MI reports. Beyond his day job of testing, he runs a local testing meetup, blogs about testing & Communities of Practice, and encourages testers to challenge the rules.

The Speakers

Lee Marshall 

The Pirate Tester