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Version Management

Companies and teams that work in agile are dealing with multiple versions (branches) of their product simultaneously. It is not uncommon for a fast-moving team to have one version in production, and another one or two in development. Understandably, you’d want to test every version separately.

Now, with the release of the new Version Management feature, TestCraft users can branch out and keep multiple sets of tests according to the different product versions that are at work.

Creating a test branch is like taking a snapshot of the test. Once the snapshot is taken, you can continue modifying the test to accommodate more versions of your product. The modifications won’t affect the ‘snapshot’ – it will be saved as is, according to the version it relates to.

Additionally, you can always go back and update the saved test versions. The tests are saved as ‘live’ files, which allows you to fully manage your versions, unlike files which are read-only.

You can create as many versions as you need.

How to Use the Version Manager

Simply click the + button to create a new version; give it a name and a description.

Version Management

A new version was created.

version management


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