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Run and etit tests on internet explorer

Run and Edit Your Tests Live on Internet Explorer – Seems Obvious Right?

Not only the usual suspects – Chrome & Firefox but also Internet Explorer

One of the challenges in testing web applications is to ensure that they work properly in any browser that customers may choose to utilize. Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) is often the gold standard among enterprise users, and so testing with it is especially important to developers of enterprise applications.

Conversely, many test automation platforms do not support running tests on IE from within their platform, but rather by integrating to an external test lab, such as Sauce Labs and Browserstack. Even with such subscription, the service provided is restricted to only running the testing scripts.

On top of running it internally on IE, you can also edit the test On-the-Fly

TestCraft users are, of course, able to run tests on IE without the need to integrate with an external test lab. More importantly, they are able to interact with IE as part of the interactive test authoring process, as well as to quickly update bindings when necessary to effortlessly maintain testing scripts. TestCraft On-the-Fly binding has been proven to substantially reduce the time it takes to create and maintain Selenium-based tests.

Choose where you want to run your tests

run tests on Internet Explorer

About TestCraft

TestCraft is a SaaS test automation platform for regression and continuous testing, as well as monitoring of web applications. With TestCraft testers can visually create automated, Selenium based tests using a drag-and-drop interface, and run them on multiple browsers and work environments, simultaneously. No coding skills required.

TestCraft allows for faster and more resilient test creation, execution and maintenance, as it creates a dynamic test model that can be easily updated to reflect changes to your app.