SeleniumConf London 2019: Why you should be there

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SeleniumConf London 2019: Why you should be there

Testers from all over the world will gather in London this week for SeleniumConf 2019, the “official European Selenium conference”. QA professionals, testers, developers, and project managers will get together to hear from top speakers about the latest trends in Selenium automation testing, as well as learn how to best leverage test automation in their companies.

Whether you’re already drinking your morning coffee in London or following the excitement via your Twitter feed, there is a lot of buzz surrounding SeleniumConf and much consideration on what to expect from this year’s speakers. Luckily, we had a chance to speak to a few members of this year’s line-up, and are offering a sneak peek into what you can expect to take away from these stellar talks.

Carlos Kidman: “Devs should love your tests”

Having made the transition from QA engineering to test automation himself, Carlos Kidman has a special appreciation for strong collaboration between testers and developers. For testers, in particular, Kidman believes that the main way to improve this relationship is by making developers excited about test automation and testing in general.

In his talk, Kidman will discuss what QA can do in order to make DevTestOps successful. He will offer personal tips and tricks that he learned from his own experience as a QA Manager at Workfront, as well as the founder of QA at the Point. Those who attend his talk can expect to come away with tangible ways to get developers on board with software testing.

Implementing these tips is essential for software testing success for two reasons. First, it allows for testing to become a more integrated part of the development process (instead of developers regarding testing as a bottleneck or afterthought). Second, getting developers to love your tests will help integrate developers and the business into future testing strategies. It is this second point that will be a major takeaway of Kidman’s talk; testers will not just learn how to make the developers happy, but will also show how this collaboration can make a positive impact on testers themselves.

Lanette Creamer: “Caring for new developers”

In an industry where turnover is still a major problem, Lanette Creamer of MediaAlpha will focus her talk on different ways to ensure that developers are trained well enough to thrive in their organizations. Speaking from a time when she was first learning how to program, Creamer will describe how the developers she worked with made her feel comfortable enough to thrive in her work, as well as the mistakes she learned through her experience.

As a Technical Program Manager, the takeaways from Creamer’s talk will be directed both towards those in a supervisory role and people who work with developers on a regular basis (especially testers). Some important pieces of advice that will come from this talk are encouraging confidence, as well as giving actionable and specific feedback. Even more importantly, this feedback should also incorporate specific techniques that developers can use when writing future code.

When all else fails, Creamer shared with us another crucial takeaway from her talk that is just as useful as it is humorous. In addition to boosting confidence and providing constructive critique, it’s also important for those working with developers to know when to act like a rubber duck: listening silently and doing no harm. Make sure you catch her talk so she can explain this takeaway more practically than we can.

Richard Bradshaw: “Redefining test automation”

Richard Bradshaw is a renowned figure in the world of software testing, whether you read his Friendly Tester blog or follow him as CEO (aka BossBoss) of Ministry of Testing. Yet at SeleniumConf 2019, Bradshaw will go back to testing basics.

In his keynote talk, “Redefining test automation,” Bradshaw uses his vast industry knowledge to take a step back and encourage others to revisit the idea of test automation. With this new outlook, Bradshaw will then showcase different testing models that will challenge your use of automation at your company. He will share the important areas to focus on when adopting test automation, and which automation concerns take a backseat in priority.

The takeaways to expect from this talk are how to spot an ideal automation opportunity. For Bradshaw, it’s important to first identify your problem, and only then start your search for the right tool to meet this specific testing need. Bradshaw also finds that top automation opportunities are found when it reduces risk, rather than increasing test coverage. He will also delve into the skills needed as a tester to best take advantage of these automation opportunities.

While this talk is truly a must-see, don’t worry if you miss it! Bradshaw has shared what he has learned with many testers, including the TestCraft community in a recent webinar. Whether you make the keynote or not, it’s a great talk to have for future reference.

Christina Thalayasingam: “Let’s take baby steps to security testing”

Another increasingly critical part of software testing is ensuring application security. In her talk, “Let’s take baby steps to security testing: Don’t let those vulnerabilities choke your application,” Christina Thalaysingam of Sysco Labs will help software testers start their journey into the world of security testing. Her talk will provide demos of mobile and web application security testing, using both Selenium and Jenkins.

Those who go to Thalayasingam’s talk should expect to learn how quality engineers, in addition to the security team, have the unique opportunity to see security defects at an early stage of the development process. She will then show how to use this ability to add security test coverage to existing Selenium automated test cases. Finally, participants can expect to learn how to use the processes and resources that are already in place to ensure more secure test coverage at every release.

Didn’t make it to SeleniumConf?

By now, you should be more than excited to hear from all the great speakers at SeleniumConf 2019. If you didn’t get to make it this year, we hope this gave you a taste of what to expect at this great event. Make sure to follow their site to stay up-to-date on when and where SeleniumConf 2020 will take place.


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