The 5 Do Nots of Software Testing

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Guest webinar with Melissa Tondi, Quality Engineering leadership at E*TRADE & International Speaker

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In this talk, we’ll discuss software testing best practices — particularly what teams SHOULD NOT be doing today. Melissa will present the top five items that software testers have introduced to the industry that may have added value at one time, but have now become stale or, in some cases, detrimental to the success of the SDLC.

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• Top 5 testing activities that are no longer valuable.
• How to remove them from your QA process.
• What testers should be doing instead.

About Melissa Tondi:

Melissa Tondi has spent most of her career working within software testing teams. She is in Quality Engineering leadership at E*TRADE and a Principal Consultant at Disrupt Testing, where she assists companies to continuously improve the pursuit of quality software—from design to delivery and everything in between. In her software test and quality engineering careers, Melissa has focused on building and organizing teams around three major tenets—efficiency, innovation, and culture – and uses the Greatest Common Denominator (GCD) approach for determining ways in which team members can assess, implement and report on day to day activities so the gap between need and value is as small as possible.

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Melissa Tondi

QA Leader at E*TRADE | Principal Consultant at Disrupt Testing | International Speaker