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Testing iFrame in TestCraft

Have you ever tried capturing an iFrame in a recorder? If you have, you must know there’s an obvious problem – it doesn’t work.

The reason recorders can’t test iFrames has to do with the fact that security protocols isolate the iFrame from the rest of the page, and the JavaScript injected by the recorders can’t reach the iFrame code.

In TestCraft iFrames are a non-issue

There is nothing you need to know or do, in order to test iFrames in TestCraft. It simply just works.

In contrary to other automated testing solutions, recorders primarily, that are unable to record actions within iFrames, TestCraft can. How may you ask?

TestCraft is not injecting its code to the page but “hovers” above it, and its test elements are generated as full-fledged models (Selenium-code based) that rely on a multitude of attributes to define and later use each element.

Another great advantage is that the model created can then be edited – you don’t need to record all over again, you can simply drag & drop, add/delete, or change what has already changed in the app.

How to Test iFrames in TestCraft?

Simply include the iFrame as a part of the flow and it will be tested.

Here’s how it looks in action:


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