How to Turn a Manual QA Team Into an Automation Powerhouse With TestCraft

by Leslie Tan, Senior Solutions Engineer at Perforce Software

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What’s a fast, cost-effective path to test automation when you rely on manual testers?  

Watch this webinar to see how organizations are releasing better web applications faster by empowering everyone to automate functional web tests with TestCraft.

You’ll learn:

  • How manual testers can easily create and run automated tests WITHOUT code.
  • How AI reduces time wasted on test maintenance by 97%.
  • How to implement continuous testing with TestCraft.

Our Speaker

Leslie Tan has been in the testing space for the last six years across desktop web, mobile and performance, and availability testing. Helping DevOps professionals understand that continuous testing is key to their success is what keeps him up at night. He postulates that a solid CI/CD testing strategy is key to an organization’s success in this digital transformation era.

Prior to that, he spent over nine years at Microsoft as a Solutions Engineer and Technology Strategist for state and local government.

Our Speaker

Leslie Tan

Senior Solutions Engineer at Perforce Software